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Medical Intuition, Intuitive Counseling
& Energy Medicine Training

Are you sensitive to energy?

Want to explore the world beyond the five senses?

Looking for a new career in the Alternative Health Field?

Then The Institute Of Applied Energetics'
Medical Intuition & Energy Medicine Training Progam
may be right for you.

Our training program is for anyone interested in exploring the principles of health, healing and the disease process. This program teaches practical methods for pinpointing illnesses, imbalances and pre-clinical conditions in the human body.

Our comprehensive curriculum provides students with a deep understanding of how to detect, evaluate and transform the subtle energy systems within the body. It teaches students practical methods for pinpointing illness and imbalances and details how these imbalances affect the body’s ability to function properly. It also provides specific technique for working with subtle energy and correcting energetic imbalances that may underscore a person’s ability to experience radiant health.

The Institute of Applied Energetics is the leader in online home study training for those interested in becoming a certified medical intuitive, intuitive counselor or energy medicine practitioner.   Our program provides the best combination of home study courses, hands-on training and practical experience to ensure practitioner competency.

We invite you to learn more about each aspect of our programs, what makes us unique, and why our method is the best option to get you trained and certified.

Spiritual Healing For Self Growth

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Certified Intuitive Counselor

Certified Medical Intuitive

Getting started any of our home study training programs has never been so easy. In fact, you can start your training right now by downloading our free Jump Start Your Intuition course. You will receive everything you need to begin transforming your life.

Enroll now and you will gain access to all of the resource you will need! Give yourself this gift and invest in your success today.  Your rewards will be everlasting.

For more information about this one of a kind training program, visit the Institute Of Applied Energetics @ www.appliedenergeticsinstitute.com




A World-Wide
Emergence in Activating and Living Your Personal Navigation System

Are you ready to pull out the stops?
Deeply remember who and why you are?
Embrace and live your essential brilliance?
Offer your best in service to others?
Love the ALL of you into new wholeness?

If you knew for certain that at the end of this 2-month immersion your life would be radically different and catapulted into new realms of freedom, well-being, connectedness, creativity, peace, joy, love, service and bliss -- would you say yes?

Call in and join like minds and souls on a journey of reconnection, presence, and powerful emergence! 

For more information visit www.DaveMarkowitz.com.  



College of Medical Intuition Programô


The College of Medical Intuition Program is a 4 semester distance/residential-learning program with a virtual campus located in New York City and Vancouver, Canada.

Application to this unique program is for individuals serious about developing their own Medical Intuitive practice.  The program consists of a four semester system. Class intensives will be held for three-day sessions at the beginning of each semester, and then students will return to their communities to continue home-based studies. Evaluation reports will be ongoing as well as assignments and recommended text reading material. Students will also be assigned to work with a Healthcare Professional (doctor) after the first semester, to do assigned intuitive evaluations and also to learn to work within a integrative level of our present medical model.

The purpose of such a program is for the establishment of structure and integration of Medical Intuition into our present medical model. It is an alternative approach with many beneficial factors such as identifying originating cause of physical dysfunction and allowing for treatment to be generated from the origins as opposed to only the symptoms. It also is a program that promotes self-empowerment through taking responsibility and ownership of personal wellness. It encompasses preventive approaches through energy awareness and promotes a system designed to not only benefit ones physical condition, but can also contribute toward easing the pressure of our present economical medical system.

It also instructs right brain function which gathers information quite different from the logical, left brain process. Students are trained to access information within the body with no more information than a clients name and age. All students are able to do this after completion of the first semester in class session. Logical information such as a diagnosis or complaint clouds the intuitive process. It has been my experience that assisting to align the mind and the body with the soul which holds the blueprint to who we are, contributes to health and wellness. The body can live in harmony and not have a need to register dysfunction through symptoms and disease.


  • Good writing skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Prior post-secondary degree or successful practice or training in an energy-based field
  • Private telephone interview with Dr. Parkin

For more information visit: http://mmedicalintuitive.com









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