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About The IAMI


Welcome! We appreciate your interest in the International Association Of Medical Intuitives (IAMI). The IAMI is the only national organization of its kind in the world.

The IAMI was founded in April 2002 by a steering committee of 13 practitioners, clinicians and trainers representing the major modalities within the field.

We are a practitioner-centered, member-driven association that is committed to the goals of organizing, representing and shaping the emerging profession of Medical Intuition.

The growing interest in holism and alternative and complementary medicine by society and the health care system underscores the need for healing the mind-body split -- which is the hallmark of our field -- and reflects the expanding interest in Medical Intuition.

Our intention as an organization is to meet this new environment that we have helped create with greater self-awareness, greater unity and a more professional approach to our position and contributions. To this end, we wish to raise the profile of Medical Intuition within the health care industry and within society as a whole.

We are a growing and developing organization and we need the sustained interest and energy of all our members to succeed. If you are interested in IAMI membership, please click here.

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