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Rev. Robert Faust Ph.D.


Rev. Robert Faust Ph.D.
HONAUNAU, Hawaii on the Kona Coast.

I am a bodytalk practitioner who is also a medical intuitive, after living for years in a remote rain forest above a place sacred to Hawaiians containing heiaus or temples of healing and other huna activities. I am a modern day Kahuna or Haki or seer, it came to me, I didn't seek it. I started seeing peoples problems and eventually learned the ways of the shaman healer.

I am a minister of a Zen Buddhist Sect and using crystals and special water "Wujinsan" in my healing practice and i can also do it over the phone and have worked with people from coast to coast as well as locally. I am a bio organic farmer and produce many types of fruits and herbs. I am an organic agriculture consultant and for over 35 years have been teaching and consulting farmers how to be sustainable and to be "ecological to be Economical". I Produce products for organic agriculture based on orgone and bio dynamic concepts, alternative to toxic technology. Information on my agricultural and environmental "Earth Healing" is found at <http://www,humate.net> 

My Ph.D. degree is in "Agroecology" and I study ancient agricultural systems like Hawaiian, Maya, Egypt.  I give advice on soil and pest management with organic methods.  I learned of my ability as a medical intuitive in my agricultural consulting when I started to "see" problems in the farmers i worked with. It started with applied kineseology to determine the benefits of herbs i work with and progressed and over the years I learned how to use this ability and I am still learning.

To contact Robert Faust Ph.D. call 808-328-2083 or visit




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