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Wayne Surbrook


Wayne Surbrook

Wayne Surbrook



Wayne has always been a "bit different" than those around him. His first major spiritual experience occured at the ripe old age of four. It was at that point that he dedicated his life work to following and flowing with Prime Source. This was a decision that was reached with no coaching or help from anyone. He was alone with Spirit when he 'knew' in his knower that he had a 'life calling' to follow the Spiritual Paths.

Born and raised in an Evangelical Minister's home gives him insight into humanity that few have in the world. He saw the phoniness of religion at an early age and set his determination to know God, Prime Source, Universe, (or whatever you call that Life-Force Energy) in reality, not just through some ritualistic hooplah. As a young man, he started having out-of-body experiences that continued for many years, culminating in three near-death experiences that have left him with un-usual Spiritual Insights and Awarenesses.

Wayne is an Medical Intuitive, Certified Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister, Quantum Touch Practioner, Authenticated Shaman, has Masters in both Usui Shiki Royoho Reiki and Crystaline Reiki, and has perfected an Extremely Powerful Method of connecting a person with their true idenity, that Thoth has called "Multi-Dimensional Frequency Transference" or MFT. He is currently studying Vibrational Yoga and will soon be a Master/Teacher of that modality. He is a board member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives; a member of the International Association of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards; and a member of the Spokane, Washington Chapter of the Metaphysical Research Society. Occasionally, he works with Dr. Elizebeth Hooker and the Warm Mineral Springs Wellness Institute in Warm Mineral Springs, Florida.

To contact Wayne Surbrook call 509.255.6659 or visit www.imtf.us.






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