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10 Ways To Change a Bad Mood


by Charles Lightwalker

1)Recall something or someone who makes you happy. I use my patner Serena, she and I have many wonderful happy adventures togeather.

2)Think of someone you are greatful for. I focus on my daughter Mayah,her smiling face brings joy to my heart,and Iam so greatful for her being in my life.

3)Focus on what you have been ignoring, like reading a book, meditation, Yoga,etc.

4)Stay in the present by focusing on what you are doing,ie: eating,
taking a shower. Take note of how good the food taste, how relaxing the shower feels,how warm the water is,etc.

5)Exercise,go for a walk,do yoga,dance,ride a bike,sit quietly,have a cup of herbal tea. Do this for 15-20 minutes,keep your mind blank.

7) Play uplifiting music.

8)Find your own special place. Sit by a tree,in your garden, at the beach, on a rock in the mountains.

9)Watch a young child at play. I watch my daughter Mayah play with her toys,I see how focused she is in the moment and what she is doing.

10) Sing! I love to sing to my daughter, silly little songs,playful tunes that make me laugh.

Charles Lightwalker is a Intuitive Healer/Channeler,who lives in N/washington state with his beautiful partner Serena and their daughter Mayah, for more info.www.thefamilyoflight.com or email charles @ charleslightwalker@yahoo.com







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