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Dr Adam Abdul Gafoor


Dr Adam Abdul Gafoor
ASTRI Personalized Healthcare and Wellness Sciences
31 Woodlands Close #04-17
Woodlands Horizon
Singapore 737855



I have been holding prayer beads "Tasbeh or Misbaha" since I was less than 1 year old. I began my study/training in Healing & Medicine at five years of age through my late father & my late grandfather. I'm a Polymath, Hakim (Sage, Philosopher, Metaphysician & Physician), Scientist, Medical Intuitive, Sufi Master & Master Healer. Professor of Alternative Medicine and Professor of Integrative Medicine.

I'm an Uwaisiyaan/Uwaisi Master (the Uwaisi form of spiritual transmission in the vocabulary of Tasawwuf was named after Uwais Qarni (r.a), because it refers to the transmission of spiritual knowledge between two individuals without the need for physical proximity and interaction between them, it is a reality of the unseen quantum world present also with Jinn and Angels. Whoever takes knowledge through spirituality from a deceased Master that spiritual connection is as powerful and effective as the physical connection, as if we had been sitting with them in life.)

All aspects of Islamic thought rely on the relationship symbolized by the traditional figure of the HAKIM, or Sage, who combines medical skill with intimate knowledge of the other sciences, natural philosophy, and metaphysics (Jonathan Lyons is the author of The House of Wisdom: How the Arabs Transformed Western Civilization.)

Within this philosophically-undergirded tradition of medicine, a HAKIM (this term combines the notions of medical practitioner and wise man) achieved sufficient self-mastery of his passions to endow his subjectivity with certain bodily, epistemological, and spiritual powers that could be used to benefit his patients.

Several medical practitioners, who doubled as philosophers, reworked and refined models of the HAKIM as the dispenser of salvific interpersonal contact via a transference of Allah’s baraka, or blessing, through him to his patients. 

The virtuous physician is a philosopher who diagnoses imbalance in his patients and then restores their health through the use of the HAKIM’s healing touch. (Imagining Galeno-Islamic Medicine: an Ethics of Balancing in Healing; Jefferson Journal of Science and Culture)









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