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Anita Owens


Anita Owens



Education / Experience:

Anita Owens, is a Quantum Intuitive, specializing in Medical Intuition, Cell Dialog and the Emotions Behind Dis-Ease. In addition to being born with precise Clairvoyant and Clairaudient abilities, Anita is Certified in Medical Intuition, Emotional Iridology and Classical Feng Shui. Anita Owens has assisted 1000’s of clients worldwide to regain balance in their lives by pin-pointing what and where in the body-mind-spirit connection things are off balance and what steps are needed to correct them. Currently based in Ohio, Anita will be relocating to Sedona Arizona in the late fall of 2007. Live weekly Internet radio show, list of workshops and phone appointments can be viewed at www.AnitaOwens.com


  • Certified Medical Intuitive - The Mystery School

  • Certified DNA and Theta Healing - The Mystery School

  • Certified Iridology Level 1 & 2 - International Iridology Practitioner Association

  • Certified Emotional Iridology - The Natural Approach

  • Certified Tree Essence Therapist - Canadian Tree Essences USA

  • Certified Classical Authentic Feng Shui Practitioner

  • Certified Black Hat Tibetan Buddhist School of Feng Shui

  • Certified Flying Stars School of Feng Shui










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