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by Charles Lightwalker

I invite you to make a list of 10 things you love and write a bio,of yourself using those things, I fyou do it,it will be a demonstration of appreciation. I think it is wonderful to spend time in contemplation of all that you appreciate in your life.

My spirit guides/angels, tell me that appreciation is the highest vibration we know.

Appreciation allows you to vibrate at the core of your being.
So let's all be more appreciative of the world around us, create a postive mental attitude towards yourself,neighbors,co-workers,etc.
By appreciating the sisuations around us we can create a higher vibrational field of energy,that will manifest us into a state of health, wealth, and well being.

When you are appreciating someone, and they are unable to uplift themselves to the level of your vibration, they vibrate right out of your experience. Most people you love will be uplifted by your appreciation to a new level of appreciation.
Remember to appreciate yourself.

Charles Lightwalker is a channeler,intuitive healer and father to a beautiful daughter, who lives with his partner Serena near Spokane WA. for more info. go to www.thefamilyoflight.com






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