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Fundamental Nature Of Energetic Defects in Auras & Chakras


by Dr.Toh Eng Kiong


Basically, there are four potential defects of the aura the Energy Medicine or Intuitive Medicine Practitioner need to know, the others are special ones that are rearer, which I will not discuss here.

Blocked Chakras – are chakras in which the energy which is flowing upwards through the chakra system has either stopped or is being restricted, at one or more chakra stations. Consequently, this blockage will also mean that the entire body energy system will then be blocked. It is well to know that our entire human body is a holistic conductor of life energy; the spine being the energetic highway distributing the life force into the whole body via the chakras; thence the reason why a blockage of any one chakra station will prevent energy flow into the section of the body that is governed by the specific chakra and also the upward flow through the chakra system. Generally, a sick patient will usually exhibit at least one or often more than one blocked chakras.

Blocked chakras many have attachments to psychological (emotional and mind) as well as physiological issues pertaining to the consistency of the organism's normal functioning, coupled with the existential biases that the patient may already have adopted in their relationship to reality. These existential biases may inhibit the wide range of self awareness and actions that are naturally available to the patient, tending to restrict it or narrow it down to a limited range of expression, often always in relationship to the emotional aspects of the being, though the others like the physical, mind and spiritual are also involved. The manner in which the energy in the chakra system and the body is restricted corresponds to the nature and intensity of the defects in the energetic health of the chakras and auras and hence to that of the entire being. Apparently, the work of the Energy Medicine or Intuitive Medicine Practitioner is to diagnose the energy field defects and to correct them, to enable the body to return to its healthy normal state. Since the evolution of diseases is mainly the result of blocked chakras and or other bio energetic defects, it is mandatory for the Intuitive Energy Practitioner to do the unblocking of the chakras on the onset of treatment, in concert to other techniques he or she may find suitable and beneficial as the case maybe, that will provide an enormous amount of emotional, mental and spiritual clearing for the patient, and prevent the development or worsening of the patient's physical diseased condition.

Blocked chakras can be commonly found on any chakras, whilst less commonly found on the 1st chakra; the number of blocked chakras varies from patient to patient, some having only one blocked while others may have several blocked chakras. Obviously, when two or more chakras are found to be blocked, there maybe indications of more than one symptoms of illness and hence more than one energetic correcting work to be done; for example, different causes/symptoms in different chakras, although they may have relationship to each other. Again, there maybe an instance whereby a particular chakra is chronically blocked and another that is blocked only occasionally, with changes corresponding to the individual patient's life. The Practitioner should then monitor and record the progress of each treatment and make a medical evaluation of the entire health of the patient in relationship to the disease being treated.

Leaks and Tears - of auras will emanate in portions of the auric field where the energetic fabric layers has become damaged, signifying that the integrity of the energy field has failed. The same energetic healing techniques are applied to both leaks and tears with the following exceptions:

Leaks generally occur on the first layer of auras, the physical layer that is closest to the body. They are areas of the energy field where the energy is slowly dissipating (wearing thin and losing its protective strength, sapping the strength of the life energy) instead of sustaining its normal pattern to support health and the proper functioning of the life process.

Leaks are generally found in areas of the body which have been subjected to wear, strain or physical traumas of some kind that are often found over joints, such the knees, shoulders, neck and elbows and other similar common places. The remedy here is to strengthen the affected areas of the energy fields.

Tears are similar to leaks, in that they are areas whereby the auric field has become damaged, but they are of a more severe form of damage so to speak; imagine a tear of the fabric that will completely destroy the covering, the entire energetic layer that can emanate as holes, signifying a complete loss of field energy integrity that is immediately harmful to the health of the patient. Leaks losses the field energy gradually whilst tears result in immediate loss of the strength of the energy, thence, leaving the affected patients vulnerably exposed to outside harmful negative energies (viz, radioactive, dangerous free radicals caused by unstable molecules. Note that 'Free Radicals' travel through the body's cell, disrupting the structure of other molecules, and causing cellular damage which are contributors to aging and various health issues.

Tears usually exist initially on the lower auric layers, such as the first physical layer and the second emotional layer before spreading to the third and higher auric layers progressively when left neglected, manifesting a more detrimental state of ill health that is much more difficult to correct at their worse case. Like leaks, tears are often related to stress of some kind; tears being more severe and often are related to emotional, mental or spiritual stressors or past unresolved traumatic experiences, both requiring treatments involving energetic patching, sealing and charging on the infected areas. The severity of large and deep tears in two or more auric layers can cause not only merely energy loss, but also in deteriorating psychic vulnerability.

Tears are usually found on the front of the body and can be of any size; usually small over the chakras (especially the 3 rd , 4 th and 5 th chakras or over the face or any other parts of the body). The larger catastrophic tears may extend to the higher layers of aura which are often found over various parts of the torso, such as the abdomen or chest area, not withstanding, they can occur anywhere else too.


Auric Energy Impurities

Auric Energy Impurities, as it is called, are impurities in the energy field that are not necessary for the normal, healthy functioning of the field; they are in fact undesirable unhealthy accumulated stagnant energy in the field; emanating as stultified energies that may inhibit the free flow of energy and causing blockages in the field, which if left unattended, will eventually lead to the development of physical disease, emotional issues, illness, mental or spiritual problem in the individual. These stagnant energies may emanate as a result of unhealthy thoughts or emotions, as mental by-products that are being held by the patients which may extend into the body and out into the auras. In many patients, auric energy impurities generally appear on the front of the body, including but not limited to the head, face, neck, shoulders, chest, lower abdomen or even hips and usually found over one or more chakras (viz. the 2 nd , 4 th and 7 th chakras). These energy impurities must be detected and removed by the Intuitive Medicine Practitioner to bring the patient to his or her original state of health.


Energy Depletion

Energy Depletion, as it is named, is actually weak energy, having less or insufficient power for normal energetic field operation to provide the normal level of energy field vibrancy that is able to support the life process of the healthy person, on all levels. It is reasonable to understand that when the strength of the life energy becomes too low, the body, emotions and mind are not able to work perfectly in co-ordination (lacking integration), which will tend to render the body susceptible to diseases and afflictions. A lack of energetic power in the energy field may also result in a condition of diminished overall health in the individual, which often is accompanied by serious illness at the physical, emotional or mental levels. This condition of energy depletion not only can occur in the energy field but also in those portions of the field over certain areas of the body. Those that are found in the lower legs and arms are called local energy depletion, to distinguish it from the more common and serious ones that is named overall or global or universal energy depletion.


Energy flow Disturbances

Energy flow disturbances is an energy condition depicting the overall irregularity in the pattern of the flow of the life energy; it is a condition that is usually most evident on the lower first few layers of the aura. Usually the energies of these few lower layers of auras flows unperturbed in a set normal and healthy pattern upon which the energetic bodily health of the individual depends. When these flow of energies in the energy field becomes erratic and uneven from various disturbances impacted on the person, disrupting the flow of the energy from its normal paths, causing disharmony in its flow, and resulting in unhealthy consequences for the individual if left untreated for long.

This condition of energy flow disturbance can occur over the entire body region, and especially in the lower field layers; it affects the entire body and is not attached to or influence any chakra or any particular location in the aura. It can happen in portions of the torso and is called 'local disturbance', to distinguish it from 'global disturbance', which is the overall disturbances of the energy flow. By correcting the energy flow disturbances, we are able to prevent the development of potential disease in the organs and tissues of the person being healed.


About The author

Dr.Toh Eng Kiong (Peter); MD PhD HIDip.(CT)(UK) MIAMI(USA) is a member of the International Association Of Medical Intuitives (USA) and a Medical Doctor of Naturopathy.


*This material is the property of Dr.Toh Eng Kiong (Peter) and Copying or publishing by any means is prohibited without the written consent of the author.





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