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Why One Woman's Anti-bodies Attacked Hersel: An Auto-immune Issue


by Robin Eagle Sage

I did a medical intuitive reading for a woman whose anti-bodies were attacking her thyroid. (The name of the person involved has been changed to protect the innocent.) When I asked "Source" what was going on with my client Shauna, I saw a blockage in her throat. Not coincidentally, the throat is where the thyroid resides. When I followed the route of the blockage it took me from her throat up her neck and into her head. There I found something that looked like a marble in the center of her head. This marble was filled with toxins and was blocking her ability to remember. In fact it was encapsulating her pituitary.

The problem with not remembering is that you lose both the good memories as well as the bad ones. This stunts a person's growth and ability to power forward optimistically. When I asked why Shauna's memory was being blocked or covered by the marble, I saw that she had been molested and that the perpetrators did not want anyone to know about it. In other words, they wanted to "shut her up". The best way for this to happen was to block her memory of the experience so that she would not speak to anyone about it. Nothing like killing the memory!

Her side of the story is that she too did not want to remember such an ugly event which made her feel shameful. Thus, the subconscious negative agreement between the victim and perpetrator was formed many years ago. Agreements are made through intentions which can be energetic as well as physical. They can be useful at the time of the occurrence in order to keep life bearable, such as for a child in an unsafe environment. But as people grow older and stronger, these debilitating agreements must be broken in order for a person to grow, expand and empower.

If Shauna had been older and stronger, her body's natural immune response would have been to attack the foreign invader (which is the marble blocking her memory and the energy of the perpetrator). But in her case, the agreement stifled her memory of the incident and caused confusion about who is the invader and who is the Self. Instead of her body fighting against something foreign, it attacked her own throat or thyroid, so that she couldn't speak up. The mental and energetic agreement with the perpetrators to hide the truth became so strong, that the body literally turned on itself and began to destroy itself instead of the real invader. This lack of knowing who is who, is what destroys the body's ability to defend itself and creates an auto-immune break-down, because it doesn't know who it is and who it isn't. That's why energetically and physically clearing and cleaning ones own space is so important. Whether it is accomplished via exercise, nature, a shower, alone time or energetic clearing does not matter. We must remember who we are! This is what keeps us vital and healthy.

In order for Shauna to stop her anti-bodies from attacking her throat/thyroid she must remove the blockage in her head which will allow her to remember again or remember in order to remove the blockage! Either way will work. Of course, seeing or remembering something unpleasant can be scary, so why would she want to do that? What I saw in this reading is that the human memory is like a television set and all of its memories, both good and bad, live inside of this TV. The good thing is that once you have your TV set or memory in working order, you can choose which memories you want to think about by turning the TV to the correct channel. Therefore, just because something is real or active inside of your memory bank doesn't mean that you have to focus on it or re-live it. AND at the same time you can ALLOW IT TO EXIST, without pushing it away. It is when we resist energy (or anything in life) that such things will persist in uncomfortable ways.


I hope you enjoyed this true story and that it brings greater awareness to your life and those around you. I extend gratitude to my client who allowed me to share her story, as it is not only hers, but the story of many.

Robin Eagle Sage
Medical Intuitive

Please feel free to leave a comment on my blog at:  http://robineaglesage.wordpress.com







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