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Using Crystals for Healing Of Infections/Diseases


by Dr.Toh Eng Kiong


The following Crystal Minerals are commonly used for healing Infections/diseases viz.


Blue lace Agate – to release

Green/pink Calcite – Bacterial/Viral

Carnelian, Opal – Bacterial /Viral

Copper – Bacterial/Viral; for poultice use.

Flourite, Green Galina & Malachite – to prevent

Rhodochrosite, Selenite and Sulphur – general


Agates are generally formed by water seeping into cavities in volcanic rocks and depositing minerals salts in layers which over the centuries have hardened into varied coloured bands of chalcedony, a milky or greyish translucent to transparent quartz is common. It is used mainly for infections of the cardiovascular system, eyesight, hearing symptoms and in the case of poisoning. Blue is known for calming stress and calming hyperactivity and for pain relief; so its energy may be appropriate for healing the above mentioned symptoms and when there are pains.

Green/pink Calcite, green malachite and green agate can all play important roles in the healing of throat, which is often indicated as sore throats; if green becomes extremely deficient in the throat, it creates harshness in conversation and if it become excessively than normal, the voice becomes soft, which people sometimes used to fake for their own purpose. These green colored stones can also be used for curing infections of the nervous system due to virus that binds and transcript the nerves cells and for alleviating high blood pressure. This color in the stones, in itself contains characteristics of elixir, especially for the healing of wounds and is a panacea for ulcer patients. As green is therapeutically associated with the thymus gland, the heart and the circulatory system; it also stimulates the pituitary gland, the master gland of the endocrine system that is located at the base of the brain. Green Calcite (and to certain extent pink Calcite), malachite and green agate raises the vibrations of our body energies above that of the diseases and is in this respect, creates a form of immunity against most diseases (including most cancers), it destroys defective cells and build new ones. Thus green stones destroys and heals all infections. And in gas form, green is found in nitrogen, the substance of protein and the builder of muscles, with the exceptions that animal proteins can be highly toxic and destructive and thus, is excluded in creative medicine. Green stones also heals infertility and promote growth; green stones are also known to dissolve blood clots in any part of the body and is useful for cardivascular healing, including clotting of the the brain passages. It does this very rapidly without the use of conventional medicine which realizes mainly on the use of chemical drugs in the medication that will have many dangerous side effects, whilst there are no side effects from the use of stones in natural holistic crystal healing and energy medicine.

The main color for treating cancer is green and as such green stones are used for cancer treatment. Apparently, cancer cells feeds on waste and rotting materials within the body, When these waste are removed from the body, the cancer cannot feed on healthy tissue, so its only way is to break up and passes out of the body absolutely harmlessly. Psychologically, the fear of cancer is greatly exaggerated and fear of cancer alone eliminates more people than the cancer itself. Thus, a clean and healthy body will never produce any form of cancer. In performing crystal healing, you can channel green-white light that is amplified and integrated by green stones, on tumors to instill healing. If there is pain, it is possible to use both blue and green stones either holding both stones (one of each color) with one hand or separately in both hands, applying to the cancer area of the body or organ to destroy the cancer cells and subdue the pains.

The use of green stones to beam on open sores, cuts and bruises and inflicted parts of damaged skin produces incredible healing results. For burns and itching, blue and green stones may be used simultaneously to effect cooling and to build muscles tissues and new skin without scars by energizing the skin. In beauty and skin care, green and pink stones can be effectively used on shrunk and wrinkled skin; rejuvenating the condition of the skin for personality uplifting treatments.

Pink and Green Calcite aids digestions and diabetes, hypoglycemia (abnormally low blood sugar usually resulting from excessive insulin or a poor diet), ease childbirth, treats diseases like cholera, cures colic, internal ailments, eyesight problems, vertigo, menstrual disorders and calms toothache. This stone can also protect against radiation, treat asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, tumors, growths, broken bones and torn muscles, amongst a host of other symptoms.

The use of Sulfur for healing infections and diseases are enormous. Sulfur is known as a healing mineral, a deficiency often can lead to pain and inflammation associated with various muscles. It plays a role in a number of biological processes, including the regulation of insulin in the utilization of sugar. Sulfur compounds are found in a variety of foods such as onions and garlic, which appear to have anticancer properties, thus sulfur compounds inhibit tumor metabolism and enhance response, while helping the liver to flush out carcinogens.

Bromelain, a sulfur-rich enzyme in pineapple, has anticancer properties (in animal studies) and is being explored for use as an anti-carcinogenic agent for humans. The two sulfur-containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine, helps control the absorption of heavy metals, such as lead. And cysteine is also a key constituent of glutathione which is the primary water-soluble antioxidant operating within our cells that is essential for detoxification. Recent studies found that hydrogen sulfide, a by-product of dietary sulfur compounds, offers cardiovascular protective properties, indicating a link between hydrogen sulfide and cardiovascular health. Notably, water that has higher concentrations of fluorine and chlorine, depletes and blocks the utilization of sulphur and oxygen in our metabolism; sulphur is used to repair damaged cells and promote the growth of healthy new cells by allowing the cells to transport oxygen effectively.


Note: This article is an abstract from my book entitled 'Crystal, Color & Sound Healing' and is copyrighted 2013, with All Rights Reserved - Dr. Toh Eng Kiong (Peter); MD PhD HIDip.(CT)(UK) MIAMI(USA). No copying of any kind (whether by mechanical or electronic means) is allowed without the written permission of the author.


* Warning:
The article given here is given in good faith for educational purpose and not to be taken as prescriptions or recommendations for treating symptoms or ailments, as such, the author is not responsible for any untoward occurrence as a result of applying or using what is taught here. It is the responsibility of readers and users of this article to apply your own judgement and commonsense in the use of this article and to act at your own risks.

About The author

Dr.Toh Eng Kiong (Peter); MD PhD HIDip.(CT)(UK) MIAMI(USA) is a member of the International Association Of Medical Intuitives (USA) and a Medical Doctor of Naturopathy.






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