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Using Energy, Color & Light in Energetic Field Healing


by Dr.Toh Eng Kiong


Advanced Energy healing makes extensive use of color and light in the healing work. In fact, color, light and energy must not be thought as separate entities but as ONE whole concept in three different forms (depicting the emissions of the essence on different levels of frequencies so to speak). Light possess the highest level of vibration or radiation followed by colors, which is slower than light but slightly faster than energy, being the slowest of the three. These three are regarded as fundamental manifestations of the realms of pure being. Besides energy, color (color therapy) and light, perception of the mind can also be a very useful tool for energetic healing work. Energy is the most pervasive of the three, because it is found throughout the body, all around us in the atmosphere and permeates all living things including the environment we live in. Color and light are also found in the human energy field, especially in the chakras and the layers of aura but they are more difficult to perceive, are more concentrated, localized and refined entities, having specific expression and meaning. Both color and light are powerful and refined and operates on higher vibrations and frequencies than energy and their application in healing is somewhat topical as they are applied only in certain specific areas and in special ways; such as beaming the light in treating a cancerous tumor in the body, healing defective cells, etc.

The ability to properly visualize colors and to send it out effectively to your patient for treatment of the chakras and layers of auras through the placement of your hands and especially through your use of the power of visualization is a very important aspect of energy healing that must be perfected by the Intuitive Healing Practitioner. Thus the first step in beginning to use color in healing is to become aware of the seven colors and to learn to visualize them and to become them (note the verb word, become as used here). The colors, which correspond to the seven chakras and the seven layers of aura or higher bodies, forming the patterns of energy that surround the physical human body, making up the auric field, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (representing the colors of chakras and auras). These colors are pure and unadulterated, just as you would see in a rainbow, or in the spectrum of sunlight as dispersed by a prism. In healing, visualizing and sensing the colors of healing beams (lights) and becoming one with them using the passing-on-of hands and the use of intuition, are the fundamental basis of energy treatment therapy. To make use of colors and light in healing, which have a more visual and radiant nature, would require the Healer's power of visualization, both in sensing and sending the healing energy to the patients.

Vizualizing and sending colors – in practicing to visualize colors, do not just think about it or pretend to see it, but rather try to sense and become the color and feel how it is like to become the color - feeling the color in its purest state and to merge with it and realize its power . I know it is not an easy task, but with practice you will be able to overcome and you will then be able to do this automatically in your healing practice. Intuitive Energetic Healers need to have a comprehensive knowledge of all the colors and their true biological effects on our human health.

Energetic Symbols – as important as colors and lights, energy symbols are also used in collaboration, to intensify the power of the colors used in the healing work. This is to say that the visualization of colors can be magnified by the power inherent in the healing symbols when use together. To utilize symbols in colors in your mind's eye is to sense and feel you being in one with the symbol in color, which should add more power to your healing work than just using color alone.

The basic progression of energetic symbols in colors with corresponding chakras and aura layers are given below for your reference -

  • violet star - 7 th crown chakra - 7 th auric Katheric layer
  • indigo trine - 6 th third eye chakra - 6 th curic cosmic layer
  • blue trine - 5 th throat chakra - 5 th auric etheric template layer
  • green trine - 4 th heart chakra - 4 th auric astral layer
  • yellow circle - 3 rd solar plexus chakra - 3 rd auric mental layer
  • orange circle - 2 nd sacral chakra - 2 nd auric emotional layer
  • red circle - 1 st base chakra - 1 st auric physical layer.

In practice, the Intuitive Healer, may send colors, using color visualization, to a selected chakra and or higher auric layer that is in need of healing. To enhance the power of the selected color, you will visualize a symbol in color instead, using your third eye or mind's eye. Simultaneously, the Intuitive Healer, sees the true color as a cloud of color surrounding his or her hand that is transmitting the healing energy – see the color beneath the Healer's hand as a cloud around it with the color within it; thus enabling you to be in the color which you send to your patient. Note that although I explained this color-symbol treatment phenomena ascribing to each a general function and treating them separately, they must not be thought as completely separate entities but as ONE, a whole; as they must work together in perfect harmony for a human to be health.

Using light – light is used in energetic healing when dealing with a situation whereby a fine or specific point or direction of healing power is required; for instance, in healing a tumor on a specific area of the body, when treating or unblocking chakras, to seal leaks or tears, to correct energy disturbances in energy flow or to heal specific diseased areas, to lend greater power to the specific techniques you are using to correct energetic defects in the patient's energy field, etc. This is done by visualizing (with your mind's eyes) a slightly bluish -white light around and below your healing hands, that slowly penetrates into your patient as you hover your hand above the areas under treatment – see the source of light around the hand as a layer of light below but not as coming from them. In more advanced work, the Intuitive Healer is capable to direct the light and move the healing energy and power for special applications, especially in the treatment of disease. This is done by visualizing the light as surrounding the surface form of the body region requiring healing or when healing a diseased organ, for example, the light is visualized as a cloud of light, surrounding the organ; in this, the healer is actually sending the healing energy that is in the form of light which makes it a very powerful energy healing technique. Be sure you maintain the transparency, the openness, as you direct the healing light to your patient and be ONE with the energy field, releasing without effort.

Sending healing light in Distant Healing – when treating an absent patient at a distance, you may send the healing light directly to him or her, with the mind alone, without the use of your hands. To accomplish this, the Intuitive Healer visualizes the light as surrounding the body of the patient that is at a remote location, as a cloud of light (seeing the light with the mind's eye at the desired destination). This use of light to treat a patient at a distance may also be used to treat a specific chakra, internal organ or areas of the body in need of treatment. Of course, healing at a distant cannot be as effective as healing the patient in front of the Healer with the hands on them.

About The author

Dr.Toh Eng Kiong (Peter); MD PhD HIDip.(CT)(UK) MIAMI(USA) is a member of the International Association Of Medical Intuitives (USA) and a Medical Doctor of Naturopathy.


*This material is the property of Dr.Toh Eng Kiong (Peter) and Copying or publishing by any means is prohibited without the written consent of the author.





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