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Angela Slater


Angela Slater,
Certified Medical Intuitive, Mystic & Healing Artist
Intuitive Art Medicine Inc.



A healthy Mind, Body and Spirit require balanced energy centres - Colour is Emotional Energy that can be used to re-balance energy centres.  A Certified Medical Intuitive and Counsellor; Mystic and Healing Artist - Angela Slater uses Intuition and Colour to identify and treat Energy imbalances of the Chakras, which may lead to physical and mental discomforts.  Her area of expertise is Trauma Recovery.  Through Medical Intuition, she offers Energy Assessment, Therapy, Classes and Referral - from her IAM Medical Intuitive Clinic in Peterborough.  IAM Energy Therapy Photography is based on the concepts of ancient-Egyptian Colour or Energy Therapy as well as new-age Energy Anatomy.  IAM Chakra Meditation Videos re-balance Energy Centres using their related colours - Yellow can be used to balance the Solar Chakra and increase Self-Confidence, Empowerment and Respect.  IAM Energy Therapy Classes offer guided Colour Therapy, Energy Assessment and Chakra Meditation. 


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