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Bob Bendykowski
414 321-2461








Bob Bendykowski's current incarnation can be divided into three parts:


Music: Ten years as a performer and teacher of classical music.


Technology: Twenty-nine years immersed in mechanics and electronics with GE Medical Systems. It was during this time Bob investigated Homeopathy which he used to heal a persistent ankle condition overnight. This led to his discovery of Radionics and the development of a keen intuitive ability through dowsing.


Retirement: Definitely a misnomer! Bob started his quest to discover the principles underlying all healing which, if it is effective, must have a cause. Through independent study, assisted by association with the Theosophical Society, he has developed an explanatory framework for healing having elements acceptable to both scientific and spiritual viewpoints.


Today: Having optimized the health of family and friends as much as possible Bob has decided to hang out his shingle. Because there will never be enough hands on healers he will limit his practice to distant healing and not charge any fees. His only request is that his patients provide regular feedback. Those seeking his assistance must furnish their legal name, date of birth, zip code, and their main symptom or diagnosis in a very,very few words.



Contact: Phone: 414 321-2461 (leave message)

Email: robert.bendykowski13@outlook.com
(subject line: healing)








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