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Carmel Bell


Carmel Bell

Carmel Bell
Melbourne, Australia




Carmel Bell - Medical Intuitive, Healer, Speaker, Author

My commitment is that I will help bring health, happiness and a sense of fulfilment to everyone I encounter. I will respect all and treat each person gently and with integrity. I am President of the Australian Medical Intuitives Association and am the Vice President of the international Medical Intuitives Association. I am also considered to be one of the 10 most famous Medical Intuitive’s in the world. All of these titles are of little importance but they grant me a sense of pride in my accomplishments. I love my career.

I could not imagine myself doing anything other than Medical Intuition. I did go to University for a while, studying professional writing as well as foreign languages, and for a decade when I was younger, I ran a fashion design and bespoke clothing company, supplying many well known stores and private clients with high end fashion and knitwear. I also ran a cocktail lounge in a large Melbourne nightclub which was a lot of fun!

Now and for the last 30 years, I focus entirely on Medical Intuition. I have died a few times with the most famous 2 occasions being when I burned to death at age 4, and the fourth time when I suffered from a cardiac arrest at 47. That time I died for 52 minutes, spent days in a coma and then a rehab hospital where I was not expected to be able to walk or talk again, and yet here I am, quite well and back practicing my profession. The only therapy used to rehabilitate me was my own skill and profession. The medical team who cared for me, as well as the ambulance officers and firemen who saved me are amazed at the results. I am also a passionate advocate for animals and their rights, and research for disease treatment using energy.

How many sessions will I need? On average, you will require a single appointment. On occasion, a second or even a third appointment is necessary. I work only from recommendation or referral. I do not advertise my services, so my career has built solely from word of mouth and my skill. If you have heard about me, it is because someone told you about me, or you read about me in one of the many articles or books that I have been featured in. In addition, I have published my own books. I also give seminars, lectures and run workshops on how to see, feel and heal your own energy system. I am available upon request to speak at Events.

For an additional fee and help with arrangements, I do also travel overseas and have successfully taught, spoken and consulted in America, England, Scotland and Ireland. As clients keep referring people to me and coming back to see me themselves, I am confident in saying that I am fast, effective and accurate in my diagnosis and treatment. Session information:

How to book an appointment: EMAIL berniebell56@yahoo.com or CALL 0419006858 for a callback.

Duration of appointment: 50 minutes Fee: $250 AUD

Phone appointments are the same price and clients are responsible for the cost of the call. Hospital appointments are arranged if necessary. The same costs apply. Fees: $250 AUD session Hospital appointments are arranged on request.

If you would like me to speak at an event for you, please email <berniebell56@yahoo.com> or <carmel.bell@yahoo.com>

I look forward to assisting you soon. Blessings, Carmel Bell








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