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Carmel Bell


Carmel Bell

Carmel Bell
Melbourne, Australia



Carmel Bell has been practicing as a Specialist Medical Intuitive, specialising in the Human Energy System, for around 25 years.  She is one of the few recognized founders of Medical Intuition both in Australia and overseas and is the founder of the College of Medical Intuition in Melbourne, Australia.  Carmel is the teacher of Metatronic Energy™ work.

Carmel Bell operates her Clinic from Melbourne, Australia as a Medical Intuitive, practicing only Quantum Medical Intuition.  She works with clients to help them understand their health and emotional issues, both physically and Spiritually working on an Energetic Level rather than a physical level.  Her consultations are insightful, practical and solution focused.

Carmel works with many Medical Practitioners from both the Alternative and Traditional Medicine fields.  The Practitioners who refer to Carmel use the information that she provides to help improve their clients health, to develop treatment plans or as a guide as to future health issues.  Many people are referred to Carmel when all other options have been exhausted.  Most people in this situation find that a session with Carmel will give them a renewed sense of hope and optimism as well as other treatment options.

Carmel is not Medically trained, but after years of experience, she has built a base of knowledge in Traditional Medicine and treatments as well as knowledge of alternative and non-western therapies. She has worked successfully with thousands of people, dealing with a wide variety of concerns, ranging from panic/anxiety disorder, systemic illness, cancer, traumatic injury, nerve injury and emotional problems, to name a few dysfunctions.








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