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CJ Martes


CJ Martes

CJ Martes
233 SW Greenwich #106
Lee ’s Summit , MO 64082

Phone: (800) 604-9967
Fax: (816) 841-5095


CJ Martes is an international healer, author and creator of Akashic Field Therapy (AFT), an integral method of Soul Clearing that helps individuals identify and then remove subconscious negative patterns and beliefs at the mental, physical and spiritual level. Trained in Vibrational Healing and advanced Soul Clearing and inspired by Quantum Theories and Spiral Dynamics, her work blends Behavioral and Integral Psychology, Vibrational Medicine, and cutting-edge Western science to produce amazing results.

CJ Martes has demonstrated amazing spiritual gifts since her early childhood. Around the age of 8 or 9, she began to make predictions of world events that later came true. CJ realized early in her life that she was here for an important purpose. She is one of many people across the world who, in recent years, are now are being called Indigo Children.

She embarked on her purposeful path in 1995 after a major spiritual awakening occurred in her life. This profound experience moved her to use her gifts to empower others. She is also credited with the creation of one of the first websites online that was dedicated to new thought called the Ascension Network. This online resource still exists today and provides spiritual resources for millions worldwide.

In 1999, she received a 12-Month Certification in Vibrational Healing from Vibrational Gateways Institute and completed a 6-month Practicum treating patients with vibrational healing, full body scanning, nutritional supplements and more. She has continued her research in this area since then. Wanting to discover possible emotional sources for physical illness, she later discovered Akashic Field Therapy.

She has provided in-depth Medical-Intuitive consultations for clients all over the world for over 9 years.

An accomplished writer, teacher and healer, CJ has lectured on the Akashic Field and trained students throughout all over the United States. Using her healing gifts and the AFT method she assists others in creating greater clarity of mind, body and spirit. She has touched the lives of thousands of clients both in the U.S. and in over twelve different countries. Her work has been featured in numerous print and online publications.

CJ’s first book Akashic Field Affirmations-Heal the Past & Create Your Future was published in January 2006. Her highly anticipated next release The Akashic Field and the Subconscious Mind will be published in 2007.

For more information or inquiries on this method please contact CJ directly at cj@cjmartes.com.





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