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Charles Tiemann


Charles Tiemann




As a Medical Intuitive he works with and is referred by many medical and holistic doctors

Charles has been trained in over 20 Healing Modalities He became one of the youngest pranic healing masters at the age of 16 

He has been doing healings for over 30 years and he has developed and teaches a technique of integrated pranic healing. 

He teaches classes in Healing Crystal therapy, Chakra Therapy. He uses crystals and sound with pranic energy.

Charles clairvoyant insight and use of symbolism from his Guides and Tarot cards enables him to see the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of his client’s lives.

Through the help of his Guides, he has amazed people with the information that comes from the past, present, and future. Charles channels 7 Guides, "The Guys", as he calls them, they give him info through Conscious and Trance Channeling. He began doing readings professionally at an incredibly young age, becoming well known throughout the Midwest and Nationally by the age of 15.

Clients have been astounded at the contact he has made with people that have crossed over to the spirit realm and found great comfort in contacting those loved ones that have departed. Charles has done ghost and psychic investigations. He has helped find missing children and has worked for the police in numerous cases.

Charles has studied Kabbalah, Tarot, Pranic Healing, and has taught classes on these and other topics. Charles has trained in New Orleans on Herbalism. He has trained other Psychics and Spiritual Healers.

As an Ordained Minister, Charles ran a Church in St. Louis for 2 years. He holds Degrees in Religious Humanities, Metaphysics, and Philosophy.

Charles has worked throughout the US, Canada and Europe. He has written Newspaper columns as well as been on TV and Radio shows












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