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Carmen T. Urquiza, Ph.D.


Carmen T. Urquiza, Ph.D.
Oakland, California 94611


Ph.D. in Esoteric Philosophy and Hermetic Science Masters in Intuitive Diagnostics

I am here to guide you to a new level of awareness concerning your energy and how it affects the wellbeing of your body. I can see where your energy is stuck and how it is causing illness. My goal is to create a map for you to follow in order to shift your perceptions, which in turn activates healing. I pinpoint the origin site of the illness and the emotions and attitudes that have created the dis-ease.

I provide tools to help you release the stress in your life in order
to allow your body to return to wholeness.

I use a recent photo so that my intuitive skills can tap into your energy, which tells the on-going story of your life, and the effects
it has on your body. I see the areas that are out of balance. As I go deeper into your Endocrine System, your glands and organs reveal what emotions are creating a disturbance in a particular part of the body. I provide specific medical information where appropriate. However, a major portion of the information addresses the work of the soul, which expresses itself through the physical body. Much of the healing process requires an examination of attitudes, beliefs and old habits. Therefore, you may be encouraged to do personal process work, which is not medical in nature.

I have unique healing tools to offer my clients. A visual image can have more impact than a thousand words. I have created a series of paintings that represent sixteen archetypes of wellbeing. The archetypes have a special relationship with each individual personality. These paintings allow you to step outside your
stress/pain in order to see with a sense of clarity and direction. In addition, I use guided meditation to help strengthen your ties to the new way of being. These archetype prints related to your personality are available for purchase.

Some clients prefer to consult me by phone. Distance does not affect clarity from which I see energy and stress. You may arrange an appointment and send a photograph. In response, you will receive a tape of your reading, a color map of your chakras, and a thorough explanation of what the information implies.

Self-discovery is an empowering experience. For an appointment, please call 510.338.1062.






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