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Dr. Denice Moffat


Dr. Denice Moffat, Naturopath & Medical Intuitive
Telephone Consultation Services
1069 Elk Meadow Lane
Deary, ID 83823 U.S.A
(208) 877-1222  (Pacific Time)
(208) 877-1969 Consult line




Dr. Denice Moffat, medical intuitive, is a veterinarian and Certified Traditional Naturopath through the American Naturopathic Medical Association. She has a Master’s degree in Biology; a Bachelor’s in Animal Science, is certified in Contact Reflex Analysis and is a Teaching Karuna Reiki Master. She has taken classes in Neuro Emotional Technique, Cranio-Sacral Work, has taken Dr. Randy Robirds’ Ener-Chi Quest and Creative Emotional Wizardry Seminars. She has also been an Advanced Level Emergency Medical Technician.

Dr. Moffat has been around veterinary medicine since 1974 and focuses on pet health and preventative medicine. She has been practicing holistic healing techniques, alternative medicine, and integrative therapy almost exclusively since 1995. She works on both animals and humans calling them the “family unit.” Her focus is on using nutrition as medicine to bring the cells back to perfect health.







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