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Francesca Fleming


Beth Coleman

Francesca Fleming
Medical Intuitive & Energist
Austin, TX


As a Medical Intuitive & Energy Healer since childhood, I ‘read' down to the genes and up to the issues that encase your body into dis-ease. Many see my work as a mix of Edgar Cayce and C. Myss. In addition, as I read, energy work happens to shift your body to the template your Soul holds as your best physical form.

The information is detailed enough to be used as an adjunct to your practitioner's treatment. For instance, I often see the depletions of certain nutrients, what kinds work best for you, what combination or synergies are corrective, and what organs, tissues or bones that are troubled, and ‘hear' what can be done.

Readings are based on lightly tranced channeled information gathered from your Soul and from interpreting energy forms and fields of the physical and etheric bodies. I see the fields and rings of the energies and chakras that make up your body on a quantum level. All work is geared to empower you. My work offers you a ‘map' to your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to aid in your healing.

As I ‘scan', I begin the initial Spiritual retrieval of your original design of your chakras, aura and body. Suggestions to empower you to make the changes permanent are given. Each body is unique due to your environment, upbringing and life events, so each reading is very individualistic. Hands-on energy healing sessions are available, too.

Though my grandmothers told my mother what I would be, I mentored with B. Brennan, Donna Eden, Dr. Frank Alper, C. Myss, Eric Pearl, and others. Why? We all go through periods of seeking more and more clarity. I am no different. I am a recognized Medical Intuitive by the Edgar Cayce groups in Portland and Virginia. All information is not a substitute for a medical practitioner's diagnosis.

Sessions are available Online or by phone WorldWide











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