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Four Spiritual Laws for An Abundant Life


by Charles Lightwalker

Although there is a tendency to think that financial fortunes are a product of chance - a roll of the dice - this view is far from the truth. By cultivating a rich "inner life" and changing our own powerful beliefs and practices, we can create a life of abundance. To begin there are four spiritual laws that are found in the Christian scriptures, as well as those of other faiths. These spiritual laws teach us how to develop a level of consciousness that effectively brings financial resources into our lives.

These laws state:
1) We must acknowledge the divine as our source for all we need, and to actively do this through our actions. This means we must tithe, or give one-tenth of all we recieve to the person, place, or institution that provides our spiritual nourishment. Failure to tithe may result when an individual's belief system insists "there is not enough to go around" which becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy. Conversely, when we act from a belief system of abundance, we gain a sense of abundance.

2) We must forgive everybody and everything, every day. Failure to forgive ourselves and others creates internal blocks to receiving abundance and keeps us wallowing in unconscious behaviors of guilt, shame, resentment, and blame. When we are unable to forgive, we bind ourselves to a life of financial fear and debt, emotional pain and a deep belief of always lacking something.

3) We must set clear cut tangible goals. Answer the question "What do you want?" and imagine you have all the money you could ever use. What would life look like? If you could do anything, have anything, be anything you desire, what would that be? The mystics say that the desire in your heart for something is the "onward impulse" of your ever evolving soul. Praying for what you want, or affirming whatever that is, is a tremendous act of self-love. And knowing what you desire comes from deep self-examination, impeccable integrity, release all phony expressions of piety and sancitity and embracing our divinity.

4) We must seek and find our divine purpose. Every person arrives at a point where he or she has the opportunity to choose the pathway of joy, i.e., to do with our lives what brings us passion and makes our hearts sing. Making this choice is the best contribution we can make to all those around us. By following our inner map, we wake up our power, a realization that is most clear during our times of quiet reflection, prayer and meditation.

In addition to these four spiritual laws, the affirmations below- repeated several times daily provide a prosperity success formula:

  • I am divinely guided in all my ways, and I adapt to new ideas.

  • I am constantly in tune with the infinite, the substance of all wealth.

  • I am guided and directed to create products and offer services that bless, inspire and assist humanity.

  • I attract people into my life who are spiritual, loyal, faithful, and talented, and who contribute to the peace, prosperity and progress of my work.

  • I attract wealth by giving the best possible quality of products and service.

  • I recognize the eternal unlimited Source of all riches which never fails.

  • Infinite Intelligence is constantly revealing to me better ways to serve my earthly family.

Charles Lightwalker is a Intuitive Healer/Channeler,who lives in N/washington state with his beautiful partner Serena and their daughter Mayah, for more info.www.thefamilyoflight.com or email charles @ charleslightwalker@yahoo.com

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