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Gaele Arnott


Gaele Arnott
Po Box 1335
Stafford City, Qld. 4053
+61 (0) 422 404 417

I Vibrational Therapist, Poet Life Integration Coach, Visionary

Gaele Arnott now in her sixth decade shares with you a wealth of experiential living through her writings, seminars and workshops.

Her vision is to assist all in finding their own Blueprint of Life so that they too may stand in their own truth as they follow the Path of Life.

Gaele Arnott began her working career as a nurse, which continued after she married and had four children. A belief that people could be assisted to health through means more than allopathic medicine can provide, led her into alternative medicine.

Gaele studied over a period of time, aromatherapy, spiritual healing, vibrational medicine (crystals, flowers and colour), nutrition, Swedish massage, iridology, herbalism, counseling, coaching, Reiki/Seichim Master and theology. During the late 1980's and 1990's, Gaele Arnott was Managing Director of a large wholesale health company which produced seminars on education in the alternative fields. Leading the market in many fields of retail, Gaele also formulated and produced a wide range of naturally based product.

In 1994 after a terminal prognosis for cancer and two Near Death Experiences leading into a stroke, Gaele retired from wholesaling to redirect her life and health into other fields. Part of her therapy was to delve more deeply into the process of channeling. For a period of time she co-facilitated Channeling workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand.

An accident in May 1998, confining Gaele to a hospital bed for some months, allowed for the opportunity to write and direct a wider range of workshops as well as develop her existing skills in writing, (short stories and poetry), teleporting, etheric travel and psychic communication.

Since the death of her daughter Melinda, in November 2000 Gaele's writing, workshops and seminars have shown more deeply how to interact with all dimensions of reality. Gaele's knowledge gained through textbook is combined with Life experience to her share gifts of sight, sound and heart.

Through individual sessions and workshops Gaele Arnott brings to each person the gift of personal empowerment. Gaele's communication through many dimensions allows for a wealth of knowledge and opportunity for personal understanding and growth within each individual person.

A published author and poet contributing to several anthologies, for the past 6 years Gaele has conducted an interactive forum through yahoogroups,Soulfood1, as well as sharing a daily inspirational message entitled “Simply, the Present Moment”. Gaele Arnott currently resides in Brisbane Australia.

For individual readings on health and life path issues as well as information on current workshops in Medical Intuition, Reiki and beyond, Gaele Arnott may be contacted through her website www.cosmicevolution.org/whoisGaeleArnott.html or by writing to her at gaele.arnott@gmail.com.

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Simply, the present Moment is a message of personal empowerment and planetary healing. It's vision is to create through personal involvement a change in conscious attitude whereby the Planet and it's people become as One. Through the visual art and music each person may sit for as long as it takes to read the written word, allowing the healing to generate change both within and around them. It is suggested that it is not always necessary to read the words as the healing may come from the colour and sound of the graphic and music. All it takes is the commitment to sit for a few seconds or minutes (however long you choose) each day and then trust in the Universal process of Divine Will.

To become part of the healing for the Planet and self you may join the group by simply sending an email with the subject "Subscribe" in the header to gaele.arnott@gmail.com








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