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Heather Mackay


Heather Mackay
Rare Bird Medicine
New Mexico or Zoom
Phone: 512-620-0222



Heather has connected to her intuitive capacities and developed her psychic senses through four decades of meditation practice. She received a degree from The School of Metaphysics more than a decade ago. These studies were inclusive of years of voluntary weekly kundalini healing sessions for the local community. She became adept at unlocking kundalini energy to bring balance to others on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

She always clears her own channel and balances her chakras before working with clients. She utilizes past life Egyptian understandings with quantum field healing modalities and counseling on conscious shifts that further assist individuals to find permanent healing. She has been keenly described in a testimonial of her services as "a true healer who only offers and embodies pure goodness".

She has enjoyed the past three decades as an astrologer and tarot reader offering many hundreds of people insights through these modalities. Additionally, she has offered numerology readings, metaphysical classes and medical intuitive services for the past two decades. She currently works internationally and is available via Zoom or phone calls and would be honored to work with you.




  • Intuitive scanning of entities on multiple levels of being
  • Chakra balancing to restore energetic native frequencies
  • Release of energetic blocks from unwanted feelings and thoughts
  • Download of individual medicine plan for the person
  • Alteration of the quantum field for health, vigor, and wellness
  • Recorded sessions to reference the offerings













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