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Julie Lewin


Julie Lewin
South Brisbane, Australia
Tel: +61 421542436


Julie Lewin has been honing her skills as a medical intuitive since 1985.  She has worked with thousands of people around the world using her skills.  Particularly after appearing on 4 episodes of the TV show “The Extraordinary” in 1994 and 1996, where she was tested on film doing medical intuitive psychic readings.  On the show, she told people in other cities and countries where she believed they had health problems or energy blockages in their bodies with remarkable accuracy.

Her episodes created a storm around the world, and she received tens of thousands of letters and phone calls asking for help.  She went on to work with medical doctors in Australia who have been amazed at her accuracy in guiding her clients to finding solutions to heal their bodies.

In 1984, as young mother with no direction in life, Julie was told by an aura reader that she had two destinies.  One would see her very unhappy, very ill in her 30s and 40s and die at 53.  The other destiny showed she had a special gift of x-ray vision and if she chose this one, would be of great service to the world.

Julie chose to follow the second destiny and taught herself how to see inside people’s bodies.  Today, not only does she see inside people’s bodies, but she blends into their body – literally feeling what is going on and hears messages via her internal ear about things she doesn’t see or feel.

She sees, feels and hears the past, present and future in relation to the body and its health.  When her client says that what she has picked up through the scan is not accurate and she doesn’t balance the energy in this area, her client advises that within days to months after the consultation – that area of the body has disease or illness.

Julie has learnt to trust all the information she receives about her client, and works holistically to balance past, present and future energy blockages.

Julie works closely with traditional and allied health professionals and refers her clients to relevant qualified practitioners.  She also teaches her clients specific tools she has developed over the past 24 years.  This way they can help themselves be calm, balanced, stress free, live in the moment, reduce or remove pain, and feel healthy and vital.

Julie currently works internationally by phone as a medical intuitive and is about to release her first CD and book called “Healing Meditations – Before & After Surgery”.

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