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Janice Lynch


Janice Lynch
(509) 946-8656




As an Empath, it hurts to see people suffer, figuratively and literally. The good news is, sensing other’s pain allows me the ability to perceive the discomfort and assist in releasing it. As an intuitive, I am able to see and perceive the emotional and spiritual implications of pain and illness. By removing the blocks and disintegrative energy, the body can heal itself on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

I am a Certified Quantum Touch ® Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Healer, Empathic Healer and Medical Intuitive and I utilize crystals as a healing tool. Twenty years ago, I received a blessing from the Healers of a Huichol Indian tribe of the San Madre Mountains in Mexico to heal and assist others in learning to heal.

Over the last 8 years, visionary experiences revealed to me Crystalline Circuitry within the physical form and energy field that become damaged due to trauma and stress. I am currently writing a book about these visions and creating a certification for Crystalline Circuitry Healing Practitioners.

As the Ministers, Co-Founder of The Divine Fellowship in Richland, Washington, My husband Phil and I serve as healers and teachers: Utilizing healing techniques to assist others in healing and teaching others to utilize their empathic abilities and develop their healing talents.

I believe that pain happens as a course of life. Misery is optional. Through understanding and healing we can move through pain and suffering into a higher level of awareness and joy.

For assistance in your healing process or more information about being an empath, go to www.janicelynch.com or contact me at janice@janicelynch.com






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