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Joy McEntire


Joy McEntire, R.N.
Medical Intuitive and DNA Whispered
DNA Dimensions
Squim, WA
(360) 912-1530



Joy is highly medically intuitive with an extensive understanding of the body, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, proteins, DNA, and more. She enjoys helping people to find amazing answers to their health questions.

In addition, she is a long-time healer, and also communicates easily with people’s bodies, organs, cells, DNA, and much more. She has been interested in health and healing her entire life. She graduated with her R.N. (registered nurse) degree in 1982, and practiced as a registered nurse for many years.

She provides consultations for people of all ages, both by Skype, and also in-person on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, Washington.

When people work with her, they quickly learn that DNA is at the core of much more than they might have any idea... and that self-correcting and "resequencing" DNA is not out of the question at all, if you know how to "speak the language".

She works with people on any and all health issues, and at many different levels.

She also likes to check the underlying chemistry and the building blocks of the body, including the genes. She finds sources of imbalances in the DNA and other related things in the body by using a variety of tools, including the extensive gene map that is currently available.

If DNA is the set of building blocks for health, the question is “What creates healthy DNA?” In other words, how can people align their bodies, chemistry, DNA, diet, lifestyle and more, to best support their UNIQUE body?

By working with Joy through the genes, chemistry, diet and nutrients, alignment, body systems and many, many other pieces (such as exposure to toxins, injuries, untreated illnesses, and more) that are related to an individual’s unique health issues, their bodies begin healing from the bottom up... from the very core… and when the “core” things (genes, chemistry, and more) change, updates often ripple out from there, and people can get to the next step… and this is repeated again and again in a way that will allow the body to steadily increase its stability.

Once you've had an appointment or two with Joy, your body will begin self-correcting anything you’ve worked on with her. You'll begin improving your health from the ground up. This is Health for Life!

For more information, please visit www.dna-dimensions.com.


You are welcome to schedule an appointment with Joy directly through her online calendar.






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