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Jean Sheehan


Jean Sheehan
PO BOX 329
Tewantin Queensland Australia 4565
+ 61 7 5641 4009
+ 414 758 360


Jean Sheehan is the Director of Millennium Education Pty Ltd. She is an expert and leader in her of Medical Intuition, Self Empowerment and a teacher of possibility and potentiality. As a Nurse Jean was able to integrate Nursing. The Metaphysical and quantum physics. With this extraordinary gift Jean is in demand from Health professionals and the community. Jean shares about the human body as a blueprint of the internal vibration. Jean educates, coaches and mentors Schools, Childcare centres and Corporations to conscious living. She is inspirational and captivates her audience. Her techniques are dynamic and transformational. Having presented to audiences of all walks of life from schools, defence force, women's groups and more, Jean tailors her courses and seminars to the group to maximize the value for audience. As a business woman and entrepreneur, Jean has successfully built and owned two businesses. She is a recognized leader in her field of personal, spiritual growth and self development. She is a mentor and personal coach to thousands. In the 20 years of business Jean is the author of the Millennium Modality™ & founder of Absolute Empowerment and the Millennium Education Centre, based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The centre currently offers study in MILLENNIUM CHILDREN, certified MEDICAL INTUITIVE Modules I – IV and SUCCESSFUL HEALING BUSINESS Courses. These modalities are offered within Australia and overseas. The courses are used personally and professionally to provide tools to completely enhance and transform lives. As a business woman and entrepreneur, Jean has successfully built and owned two businesses as well as pursued a Nursing career. Her outstanding work has led her to be a recognised leader in her field of personal growth and self development and alternative health. Recently she was nominated in the 2010 Telstra Women's Business awards for outstanding work to the community.








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