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Jennifer Lisa Vest, PhD


Jennifer Lisa Vest, PhD
4726 Brynhurst Avenue
View Park, CA 90043




Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest is a Medical Intuitive, a Clairvoyant, a Medium, and a Life Purpose/Health Coach. She is able to intuitively scan people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies in order to identify physical and emotional conditions and their causes. She can also communicate with the dead and help to facilitate a conversation between the deceased and those who are grieving a loss.

As a Life Purpose and Health Coach, Dr. Vest guides helps people to understand their reason for being on the planet and guides them to health and wholeness. Born with the gift of sight, Jennifer Lisa honed her gift through long study and training with multiple modern and traditional teachers.

She is a Reiki Master, and has dozens of certificates in psychic development, mediumship, and various healing modalities, including Spiritual Healing and Pranic healing, in addition to holding a bachelors degree in Physics and a PhD in Indigenous Philosophy from UC Berkeley.

She teaches Intuitive Healing Energetics as well as other classes.


Medical Intuition: http://www.drvestmedicalintuitive.com
Archival Consulting: http://www.sovereignwisdomconsulting.com
Speaking and Performance website: http://www.jenniferlisavest.com
Download poetry mp3s: http://www.reverbnation.com/jenniferlisavest
publications online: http://ucf.academia.edu/JenniferLisaVest





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