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Jeffrey Zimmerman


Jeffrey Zimmerman

Jeffrey Zimmerman
Chama, NM 87520



The present life of a medical Intuitive cannot go unnoticed without mentioning a few past experiences that shaped my present. In fact, one of those was earth shattering in my opinion. Maybe the greatest past experience occurred in 1991 that changed everything. I was in the high elevations of Utah. The light seen and electrical current felt as a moving upward was beyond words. This was a transfiguration and certainly convincing that there was a greater work for me in the near future. This light is still present within me, but as one must live in the present reality I continued in pursuit of graduate degrees and pilots' licenses.

Looking back a huge part of my ability to understand the information received can be credited to the study of traditional Chinese medicine. It is when working as a medical intuitive today that my spiritual peripheral vision uses these valuable life influences that made the shift from the outer world to the inner world.

The journey of my life has brought me in contact with the vast realm of populations from death row inmates, developmentally disabled, many cultures, children and so on. The greater light given to me has enabled me to provide readings to all forms of life including plants and animals. The underlying energy of the physical body is made visible to me.

Know that you will gain insight into the where and why your physical ailments occurred by supplying only your name. Please see website for more information: www.medicalintuitiveconsultancy.com






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