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Kir Noel


Kir Noel

Kir Noel
118 Tinker st.
Woodstock N.Y.
http://www.healingabody.com/ jeremygates53@gmail.com



Kir Noel is a Medical Intuitive. She works intuitively to help her clients access their body’s ability to heal. She has been in practice since 1993.Her work is a healing-oriented approach that takes into account the whole person (body, mind and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle.

Her training as an intuitive was with Reverend Ellen Resch, from 1985-1990, the Founder of Temple for Buddhist Research and Learning .A school licensed in New Jersey in 1971 for the study of comparative religions with a focus on Buddhist studies and spiritual science.

In addition she also practiced with the mentorship of Dr. Marcellus Walker (Olive Leaf Wholeness Center, N.Y.C.)2001-2005. In consort with this medical internist, she worked on clients in a cooperative and intuitive role .

In her twenty eight years of practice she has worked on most chronic illnesses.

Her work is compatible with medical treatment.





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