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Lindsay Bil


Beth Coleman

Lindsay Bil
Perceptive Evolution
Calgary, AB or Remotely online





"Lindsay is a Certified Medical Intuitive and Certified Instructor of Medical Intuition who is deeply passionate about guiding others through the journey of knowing themselves and awakening the healer within.

Believing that the Mind, Body and Soul are all intrinsically connected, Lindsay works with her clients to strengthen this connection, understanding that optimal health stems from unity and balance among these three areas.

“Our bodies are self-regulating systems; when we tap into our innate wisdom and provide a conducive environment, our ability to self-heal is increased exponentially.” - Lindsay’s goal is to bring clients to a level of awareness that allows them to create this environment in their own lives; providing them the tools they need to evolve and regulate in the future.

Lindsay resides in Calgary, AB although, most business is conducted remotely through written reports and video conference calls. Medical Intuitive sessions can be booked through the website link provided or via direct email."







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