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Lia Estate


Lia Estate
Melbourne, Australia
+61 (0) 408 398 303


Lia Estate is a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Energy Healer.

Quantum Medical Intuition can help you to find the answers.  This unique and specialized modality can help you to uncover and unblock the cause of your dysfunction and dis-ease.

Using 'Quantum Medical Intuition' and high frequency energy, Lia will assist you with compassion and a guiding hand by  finding  the energetic blockages that manifest into dis-ease.  The energy work is very powerful and at times immediate so the  point of a session is to not only to start the healing process with powerful energy work but to empower the client with simple techniques to maintain this level of wellness for themselves after  the sessions.

Using 'Quantum Medical Intuition' and 'Metatronic Energy' Lia will assist you with compassion and a guiding hand by finding the energetic blockages that manifest into dis-ease. Choose happiness, empowerment and optimum health; learn simple tools to wellness which is only possible with focused intent and the release of old patterns.  Intuition Work? . . . 

By using Quantum Medical Intuition Lia can help you by:

  • Pin pointing areas of dis-ease.

  • Assist you to understand your bodies and emotions and show you how to manage or stop you dis-ease with the monitoring and collaboration your  doctor or health care practitioner.

  • Recognize root and key elements in your life that are the cause of your dis-ease.

  • Finding the stressors and stop the negative process before you reach a critical point in your life.

If you have reached a critical point in your life take the first step to wellness and empowerment by learning how to manage your health with simple easy to use techniques for everyday life and how to keep it that way. 

Helping you recognize and stop negative and destructive behavior and thoughts that caused the problems in the first place.

Giving you the tools and positive support, that  will eventually give you the ability to stand alone and deal with issues on your own as they come up and not need to rely on others to make you well.

Take the first step to initiate wellness and peace of mind for the rest of your life, with an initial and subsequent meetings and sessions to create this environment of support.

Lia practices from Melbourne, Australia and can be reached at info@liaestate.com.au or visiting www.liaestate.com.au.   Phone consultations are available please ring on +61 (0) 408 398 303 to make an inquiry.








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