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Reverand Wanda


Reverend Wanda

Reverend Wanda
PO Box 413 Sedona AZ 86339
Office: 928-204-2127
Cell: 928-300-5420



Since 1990, Reverend Wanda has practiced professionally as a Medical Intuitive reading clients from all over the world at her office in Sedona Arizona or by phone and Skype. People have come to her with a wide range of challenges from the physical, mental, emotional bodies as well as questions about the future. She has supported hundreds of clients in overcoming incurable and mysterious illness. 

When Reverend Wanda does a Medical Intuitive Reading, she scans inside the body with the clients permission to perceive the physical and energy anatomy with her Soul's Hands, Eyes and Ears. By using these forms of high sense perception, she is able to go deep into the areas of the body where the cells are having health challenges and discover what they need to be healthy and strong again.

Reverend Wanda began her spiritual career at the age of twenty when she was carried up to the Creator and given her Divine Purpose which was to connect others to their Soul, the Creator and bring them back to fulfill their Divine Purpose. Shortly after this experience, she studied privately with a teacher from the Berkeley Psychic Institute and co-hosted psychic fairs with a psychic lecture series in 1983. She also added astrology, numerology and cartomancy to her repertoire.  In 1986, she was certified as a massage therapist through M.I.T. in California and went on to attend Barbara Brennen’s School of Healing. During this time, she also trained with many nutritionists, doctors and herbalist such as Jeffery Bland CN., Andrew Weil MD., Michael Tierra MH., and Janet Zand ND. 

Reverend Wanda uses a combination of metaphysical data, diet, herbs, nutrition, holistic healing techniques and alternative therapies to synergistically and systematically support her clients in regenerating their bodies back to perfect health.

Please contact Reverend Wanda through her website: Medical Intuitive Mastery www.medicalintuitivemastery.com








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