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Severien Algoet


Severien Algoet

Severien Algoet
Down Street 11 B304
8580 Avelgem (BELGIUM)
056/729634 - Chat (Messenger)


Consultations - Presentations - Info sessions - Experimental treatments - Assistance of deceased - Second Opinion for traditional medicine

The little girl with the wand!

This is magic! Severien is already being carried on both hands by a lot of people (worldwide)! Customers confirm: ′′ What Severien does is real magic "! ′′ The Queen Of The World!", Unbelievable! But she stays on the ground with both feet. Meanwhile, she continues to heal humans & animals! Cause that's her life!

Severien focuses on Tibetan tradition and uses special objects, rituals and mantras with the Medicine Buddha. Her goal? Victory of mental & physical disorders. She uses a very powerful method for healing diseases and the increase in healing powers. In addition, she also lives among the Material World & the Ghost World. Where both the deceased and the relatives receive guidance. Her secret herbal medicine? Tibetan Rope Incense & Medicine Buddha Incense Powder. This combined with medicinal stones, different incense powders, candle magic, colour magic, e. a....

Her secret? Acts based on hidden powers! Her specialties and special status.

My mission? Preventing sickness, cure sickness, extending life & cherishing happiness.












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