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Stephen Austen


Stephen Austen
Victoria, BC

Having had many spiritual experiences from a very early age, it was natural for me to enter into the field of Healing and Medical Intuition. At the age of 16 I began to meditate on a regular basis, and embarked on training as a Healer at the age of 19. By the age of 23, I was the youngest Full Healer Member of the UK 's leading healing organisation, The National Federation of Spiritual Healers. Now, aged 50, I have over 30 years experience in this field.

On first coming to see me, I will ‘read' the current health condition of the client and thus sense where the seat of imbalance may reside. This is an aspect of my clairvoyant work known as Medical Intuition. Utilising this faculty I will use my artistic skills to draw a sketch on paper which gives an outline of the person before me including the areas which I am able to perceive as being in need of restoration and healing. This means that I will produce an illustration which shows the organs, bones, muscles and other structures which I have been able to see clairvoyantly, including energetic vibrations emanating from the etheric body and aura. Think of this as rather like having a clairvoyant x-ray.

As a Medical Intuitive I will often sense where pain lies in the body or sense various other dis-ease states as I ‘tune in' to the patient and become en-rapport with their current condition. After the Medical Intuitive Reading and first healing treatment, I give the sketch that I have made to the client along with a tape recording of the session in which I describe what I am seeing and perceiving, so you then have a permanent record of your Medical Intuitive Reading in sketch form and on tape. Also, when I am actually engaged as a healer, working on the patient, I will often continue to assess the client's health so the Medical Intuitive work is ongoing.

Although many people cannot come to see me in person for a Medical Intuitive Reading, I regularly do this over the phone either as a separate, specific Reading on its own or in combination with a general Clairvoyant Reading. I still draw up a sketch and send it off in the post to the client along with a tape recording, so distance is no obstacle whatsoever. Although a Medical Intuitive Reading on the telephone does not involve a healing treatment as part of the session, I will add the client to my Distant Healing list (see below) for regular free healing treatments. In fact, everyone who comes to me in person for Medical Intuition and healing is added to my Distant Healing list also.

In addition, I have extensive background knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology as well as studying Herbal Medicine in an academic capacity for 6 years. I use this knowledge as well as dietary and nutritional advice to help the client to find natural solutions to a vast array of conditions.

As a healer, my work involves a combination of the laying on of hands (as in physical contact with the body) as well as bringing through higher spiritual energies via the etheric body and chakras (vortices of energy located at specific points within the etheric body) and channelling these energies into the patient's auric space to assist in restoring balance which can lead directly to a return to health. I utilise very light physical hand contact (non-manipulative) in combination with my hands working in the energy field above and beyond the physical body. I believe that the energy channelled via the healer has its roots in a Divine Source, but the recipient need not have any personal spiritual or religious beliefs to benefit from it.

In my healing work many of my patients report feeling heat or cold sensations, tingling, vibrations, or other subtle phenomena as they receive the healing energy even though I am not always physically touching them. Many see brilliant colours or experience some other type of visionary phenomena, rather like experiences encountered during meditation.

When a client works with me they will often find a rewarding improvement in their health as they gradually apply the advice given based on the Medical Intuitive findings. My services are recommended by Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and several nurses with many years experience in the conventional medical system.









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