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The Silver Violet Flame


by Charles Lightwalker

Do you ever feel like you would like to change the energy in places like your work environment, or driving down a road that is full of road rage? An ancient energy techique called the Silver Violet Flame can help you to transmute, or transform, negativity into light.

Transmutation is a term that suggests an alchemical shift, as in changing iron into gold. However, transmutation works with energy fields. If you have ever experienced a waitress/waiter who is projecting their bad day onto your dining experience, you had a choice to respond to their bad day in an equally bad fashion, or to be positive and pleasant throughout your meal until the waitress/waiter shifts their energy to a more positive place. If so you are transmuting energy.

The purpose of the Silver Violet Flame is to help you experience greater frequencies in your daily life. It helps you live in a loving place of power rather than a fearful place of powerlessness. The Silver Violet Flame is a method for transmuting lower vibrations into higher vibrations. As we enter the shifting energies of a new millennium you are empowered to enhance your reality in a dynamic way.

When you are transmuting energy, it is important that you are operating from a heart centered, non judgmental space. Your job as Silver Violet Flame alchemist is to transmute negativity into the highest frequency of vibration that the enviornment is capable of substaining. It is the job of Source to guide the energy into the form that fits best the needs of the environment.

If you practise using this ancient source of transmutation energy, and use it wisely, you join millions of others who have taken responsibility for increasing the frequency of the planet.

Here is the channeled Silver Violet Flame exercise:

1) Call in St. Germain & your guides & angels.
2) Invoke the Silver Violet Flame & surround yourself and the situation within it.
3) Feel how good it feels to be working with the energy.
4) Give Thanks.

Charles Lightwalker is a Intuitive Healer/Channeler,who lives in N/washington state with his beautiful partner Serena and their daughter Mayah, for more info.www.thefamilyoflight.com or email charles @ charleslightwalker@yahoo.com







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