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Susan Ozimkiewicz MA NCC LCPC


Susan Ozimkiewicz MA NCC LCPC
National Certified counselor
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Depth Psychotherapist
FAX 208 888 9008



Susan Ozimkiewicz MA NCC LCPC, is a National Certified Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Depth Psychotherapist, a Medical Intuitive, and a recognized teacher, trainer, & speaker. As a Depth Psychotherapist and a Process Psychobiology Specialist (process work). Susan’s work focuses on the emotional understanding of physiological problems. She blends a unique intuitive awareness with a helpful application. Susan received a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, CA. In 1989, Susan studied "Intuitive Energy Diagnosis" with Caroline Myss, Ph.D. at the Shealy Institute, Springfield, Missouri. Susan trained for two years in Jungian oriented Process Work with David Roomy. Susan is in private practice in Boise, Idaho

She appeared on TV’s “Metaphysics Today.” Radio’s “Lifelines and On Health and Healing Radio(a2zen fm), and Piece of Mind (99.1 fm).” Susan has conducted studio groups, workshops, and seminars in Boise, Seattle, Phoenix, and New York. And has been a consultant to the NYPD.

Licensure & Memberships

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • National Board Certified Counselor
  • American Counseling Association
  • Idaho Mental Health Counseling Association
  • Idaho Writers Guild

MY BOOKS are now available on Amazon and Kindle.

ON THE INTUITIVE SPECTRUM: A Deeper Look Into The Amazing Value Of Intuition (2012) http://www.amazon.com/dp/1475179561

MONEY ENERGETICS: An In Depth Look At Why You Are Paid What You Think You Are Worth (2013) http://www.amazon.com/dp/148181379X

Susan is an intuitive depth psychotherapist and as a medical intuitive utilizes her intuition and “in-sight” to seek the core or root cause of a physical symptom, emotional issue, or other influence that seemingly disturbs a person. Susan has always scanned a person with her eyes closed so as not to be influenced by the client or obtain any preconceived ideas about the individual that she is viewing.

It is not the external world that thwarts us, but the internal world reaction and perception that has not been consulted, and therefore blocks the path to the unity of consciousness.

Each individual person has a unique and innate core set of principles and values which is your own personal guidance system toward individuation. This guiding inner core presence leads you to your own healing and wholeness. The client becomes aware of this invisible influence as a connection is made to the greater “Self” through inner world work, dreams, symptoms, the senses & active imagination, plus intuition. Working with your own personal material such as dreams, issues and symptoms leads to relief, release, and a sense of well being.

For those at a distance, a phone consultation is accurate, reliable, and most helpful. Susan has been consulting with clients by telephone since 1984. A phone consult is one hour long.

The phone session may include an intuitive scan with remote viewing if requested. Additionally, phone work may utilize your  dreams, symptoms, personal emotional issues and your inner world experiences. The inner shifts occur when inner world reactions happen to you as you work with your own material to integrate your own issues into a personal insight and meaningful understanding.

Susan facilitates your work with your own inner world invisible energies to dissolve and melt away the blocking influences, the barriers, your inner disturbances, your mind’s moods and atmospheres such as fear, anger, tensions, pain etc. to return to your own personal sense of integration with a feeling of a centered well being.

SKYPE Video Call sessions are also available.

Depth Psychotherapeutic Counseling is a creative process and a collaborative effort between Susan and the client. Susan uses the intuitive, soulful, qualities of clarity and insight to connect through the physical reality to the invisible core energies, impulses, urges, influences, inner conflict, and physical or emotional pain. Depth Psychology is inner world work that reveals the underlying basic core patterns that enlivens one’s personal awareness and the feeling of self-empowerment.








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