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Susan Shadburne


Susan Shadburne
Medical Intuitive / Bio-energy healer


Susan Shadburne, an award-winning screenwriter/director/producer for three decades, began working with clients after her own experience of self-healing. Finding no relief from either traditional Western medicine or alternative therapies during twenty years of multiple sclerosis and environmental illness, she was finally disabled, housebound in filtered air, and intolerant of most foods.

Using her body as a laboratory over a period of years, she honed her intuitive skills and created the healing protocol she uses today. Like Susan, many of her clients had tried other healing modalities without success or had been told their illnesses were incurable

Among the conditions that have resolved during her work with clients: multiple sclerosis, food and chemical sensitivities, under/overweight, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, cancer detection years before discovery by conventional testing, Crohn's disease, Environmental Illness, chronic musculoskeletal pain, severe eczema, depression, chronic constipation, panic disorder, chronic Epstein Barr virus, inability to conceive, post-cancer treatment fatigue, thyroid insufficiency, skin cancer, warts, silicone poisoning from ruptured implants, pre-diabetic conditions, high cholesterol, "suspicious" breast tissue.

Some clients without physical symptoms seek to resolve emotional or spiritual imbalance, or feel the need for guidance during intense periods of transformation in their lives and relationships. With all, the goal is the same: a lightening of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, a return to the path of our higher purpose, and a re-discovery of our perfect selves.

Susan works by telephone with a worldwide clientele. To learn more or to make an appointment, please visit her web site: http://www.shadburne.com










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