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You and Success


by Charles Lightwalker

Most people spend a lot of time trying to be successful either personally or professionally.
However many of us don't know how to reconize our own success, nor do we know what to expect once we attain our goals.

Take a few moments right now and think of your life 5 years ago, What did you want then? What was the most important thing you wanted to accomplish? What other goals did you have at the time? How many of these have come to pass or how many do you no longer care about?

When we are successful, things happen on both the inner and outer levels of our being. This is perfectly natural and to be expected, when looking at your current level of profecienty: it is a good time to ask ourselves what sort of limits we are setting for ourselves. How high are we willing to go?

There seems to be an unspoken rule that businesses should always keep expanding. This is not always the case. Sometimes a person reaches a certain level and really doesn't want to take the next step, because nature will not allow anyone or anything to stand still for any length of time, such an indivual would need to look at ways to deepen or enhance what they are currently doing.

For instance, a massage therapist who really doesn't want to enlarge her pratice by taking on more clients could enhance their business by learning to balance the Charkras with tuning forks to offer her clients.
Sucess demands that we continue to grow in some way. The direction is up to us.

In many cases though, there will be an internal urge to expand what we're doing and that is when we wll need to find out how unlimited we really are. Sometimes we"ll try and go beyond a certain point only to discover we have some sort of blockage. If this happens it's time for connecting with your spirit guides, going within, orseeking the assitance of a shaman/counselor.

Also with sucess comes new outer circumstances for us to handle. It is not uncommon for sucessful people to find personal attacks and jealousy coming there way. People who are not living their dreams sometimes lash out and focus their unhappiness on those around them who are sucessful, when what they really want is to be sucessful.

Sucessful people also report they seem to attract people who want to ride on the sucess of others, want to control them,or who want to be "copy cats".
In the metaphysical community, one can be open to criticism for not being willing to hand over one's sucess to others.

None of these have to be negative experiences especially if they are seen for what they are. As we grow, it is natural for us to be placed in sisuations which will make us grow. We are so used to learning things the "hard way" or thru "failure" that it can be quite the shock to find out we can learn as much from sucessfully reaching our goals.

If we find ourselves living the sucess we dreamed, we need to realize we are at a new level of understanding, and have attainded a new level manifest on the material plane. Be happy, rejoice that means it is time to start a new dream,a new adventure.

Charles Lightwalker is a Intuitive Healer/Channeler,who lives in N/washington state with his beautiful partner Serena and their daughter Mayah, for more info.www.thefamilyoflight.com or email charles @ charleslightwalker@yahoo.com







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