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Thessa Egan


Thessa Egan MIT, CN, MH
Louisville, Ky


Thessa had a deep interest in the psyche along with a great empathy for her fellow humans and animals that sparked her to earn to a Bachelors degree in psychology. Later, a strong rational mind sent her back to school to gain a Masters degree in Information Technology. The combination of a scientific mind and an empathic heart became the basis for her later diplomas and apprenticeships in the alternative medicine field as a Certified Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, regression therapist and direct consciousness researcher.

Thessa started her healing practice in 2004 using allergy elimination techniques, kinesiology, nutritional and herbal counselling and later regression therapy. She trained in regression therapy in the pursuit of gaining peak states of consciousness. This was an intense period of self-development that unlocked the ability to see cells, tissues and organs inside the body using her inner vision. She had the unique experience of working in a research group that used inner vision as the microscope to uncover the causes of disease and the effect of trauma on the human energy field. This process of research helped her refine her skills of perception like an athlete refines her skill in practice.

Eventually her background as a therapist and researcher lead her to develop a healing and meditation modality called Alchemy Techniques with her husband Rob. Her focus is the latter half of the course, called Structural Self Inquiry (SSI), which transcends from healing into Self Inquiry. She currently holds trainings and healing sessions with Alchemy Techniques and SSI online and in person in Sedona, Arizona.

Thessa's medical intuitive skills were born out of her teaching and healing practice. She considers seeing inside the body to be one of the most exciting aspects of her work and this inspired her to provide readings as a medical intuitive. Honoring her non-medical, Core Essence approach, she decided to call herself a Vital Intuitive to illustrate her focus on Life force/Chi/Core Essence in relationship to disease and health. Thessa experiences us all as Divine Beings, and all blockages to that are seen as superficial to that fundamental Divinity.

In a Vital Intuitive reading with Thessa you will get feedback on her experience of the presenting issue as she is viewing it how it looks and feels both physically and energetically. She will also describe core issues related to your problem, with advice on exercises, meditations, nutrition and natural therapies to address the problem when appropriate. Her clients are working toward self mastery and come to her with a wide variety of issues they are investigating within themselves: physical pain or damage, diagnoses from a doctor, emotional trauma, personality patterns, identity issues, kundalini integration issues and spiritual emergency.


For more details see Thessa's website at http://www.vitalintuitive.com






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