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Tammy Price


Tammy Price

Tammy Price
Toronto, Canada






Tammy is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Restorative Yoga Instructor and Founder of Shifting Into High Gear,  a multifaceted company deeply rooted in the belief that we have all that we need within to be whole, healthy and happy people. 

After supporting 100’s of women on their journey to feeling whole, of owning where they operate from in support of their health, happiness and authenticity,  she co-authored her first Kindle - Amazon best selling book - Shifting Into High Gear: A Guide To Listening To Your Body. 

She is the co-creator of the program Heels to Healer (H2H) A Journey to Wholeness, The Practical Solutions Guide For Getting Back Into Balance and Lead Mentor of Shifting Into High Gear’s Certified Medical Intuition Training Program. Tammy is a cancer survivor, testament and advocate to the benefits of cultivating a deep practice in ‘non-interpretation’ and living and loving life by the motto ‘You are ALL that you need’.










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