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Traci Shoop


Traci Shoop

Traci Shoop




Lifestyle Intuitive Expert/ Figure Competitor

Traci has over 10 years in the fitness industry worked with Army Soldiers, Police officers, Olympic Athletes and some celebrities as an expert along with helping individuals with life issues.  Strives on using holistic, energetic powerful techiques of the mind and body to guide in life path issues for you.

Won more than a ton of awards in the health and fitness industry.

Attended five colleges with degrees and certificates in areas of business, marketing, social sciences,exercise and nutrition   She has had articles and been seen in magazines like Oxygen, FitnessRX,  Shape, Natural Muscle ,ESPN2 and various popular online sites.  Runs a consulting service to help individuals in all areas of career, love, and health. 

You can contact Traci at:






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